Thursday, July 16, 2009

The power of suggestion

So during the week of the Parade of Products, I posted a blog about how American it is to celebrate food. Well, the next day I saw this pie baking competition for my city's Independence Day celebrations and thinking about how American I would be (and how fun it would be), I decided to try it! I toiled and cooked, and made pie crust from scratch (gasp!) but it was all for naught! I missed the deadline! I was so pleased with how my pies turned out, I decided to scrap about it.
The journaling says this:
When I found out our city hosted an apple pie contest for the 4th of July, I was super excited. I ran to the library and got an apple pie cookbook, then to the store to get all the ingredients. I found out about the contest just a day before the deadline, but I thought I had plenty of time. I started working on the two yummy Cherry Apple pies for my submission the day of the contest. When I was half way through, I realized I had badly misjudged how long it took to make a pie. Holy cow, it took me three and a half hours! So, I missed the contest deadline. On the up side, I had two delicious pies all to myself!
For the title, I used LD Grandpa and LD Petticoat Black. The journaling is LD Grandpa again.
Other credits: Cherrylicious collection, JDT Heartland Pride and JD Flag Post from, background paper is In Living color from
- Britta

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Terrific layout! Nice work!