Thursday, May 31, 2007

Seemed like just yesterday

that school was starting. The busses have stopped running already for some school systems! Hard to believe it's almost summer.

In my constant (but futile) quest to keep my scrapbooks up-to-date, I'm now thinking about how to scrap those school memories and photos from the past school year. School photos, class photos have always been a bit challenging to me. Coming up with fun ways to scrap those little wallet photos or their similar enlargements is a mind boggler sometimes. has some great school-related fonts and Doodlebats.

Tiffany from the ScrapNfonts design team used LDJ Crayon to create this really colorful border of crayons! How cute is that?!? Click on the image to see how she incorporated those challenging (but cute) school pics. Great layout!

Some other great school fonts:
LD Elementary - looks like that basic handwriting text we all learned in 3rd grade (or was it 2nd grade?)
CK Child's Play - a little kid's handwriting
LDJ Flashcards - well, a font on flashcards!
TXT Schoodle Doodle 1 - classic school icons - notebook paper, locker, apple, calculator, etc.


regina said...

This is so nice Tiffany and your daughter is so pretty .....Regina

Carol said...

This layout really caught my eye... very nice! I wish we could see ALL of it though. Love those cute crayons. :)