Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How could I forget?

I realized - to my horror - that I forgot my mom's birthday. MY MOM! Of all people. Not my siblings or my neices or nephews. My wonderful mother. I realized right then and there that I have got to get it together. I've got to find a way to not forget birthdays, anniversaries, thank you's, milestones worthy of a cute postal-mail acknowledgement.

I have 2 hurdles to jump to reach that thoughtful goal of mine.
1. I have to make a good, comprehensive list and I have to be reminded a week ahead of time.
2. I need a quick way to put together something cute but personalized just in case that other problem of mine - procrastination - rears its ugly head.

Addressing problem #1
I'm using two free online services now and setting one to remind me 2 weeks ahead of time so I can get started on my greeting/card, and another to remind me 5 days ahead of time to put the thing in the mail! The services are Google Calendar and Birthday-Reminders.com.

Addressing problem #2
This one is tougher because I don't want everyone's greeting card to look the same. So, the SNF Design Team helped me out. Look at these awesome creations!

Card by Regina Easter:
Here she used ScrapNfonts Doodlebat Flower Power

No more belated greetings for me. Do you have other solutions? Share them in your comments!

(Oh, and my mom did get a cute card in the mail... and flowers.... and chocolates... and I called her voicemail and sang her a song. I had to make up for my tardiness!)


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I've forgotten birthdays but not my moms (probably because hers comes right after mine). I use www.birthdayalarm.com now and am getting better. It's probably very similar to birthday-reminders.com.

Love your newsletter, fonts, etc. and so glad to see the blog! I'll add your link to my blog page (http://katiediddesigns.blogspot.com)

ScrapNgal said...

great idea! thanks for sharing katie!