Thursday, April 29, 2010

Five new fonts from Brian are playful and cute!

Hand-drawn lettering, hatchings, scribbles and doodles are fun styles of lettering that are super popular. These playful elements add a youthful feel, you've probably noticed them lately in advertisements, catalogs and magazines. Capture the same look on your scrapbooking, card and paper crafting projects with a new bundle of sketch fonts designed exclusively for scrapNfonts by Brian Tippetts!

This month, Brian highlights the new Sketchbook Bundle with project samples and a free download. PS- You can buy the Sketchbook Bundle here for only $10.

Font Tip: Let's Play
by Brian Tippetts

In my March tip I talked about many different font styles and ways to find your own font style. In addition, I showed samples in each style to help you get started.

In this tip I am very excited to focus on a new bundle of fonts that fall in the “playful and display” style of fonts. The fonts are all included in the Sketchbook Bundle and are available now at ScrapNfonts.

This “sketch” style of font is very popular now. In fact, just the other day I received two catalogs in the mail that were both using this style of font. This fun, sketchy style is being used to add a fun and youthful feel. The same look and feel is now available for you to use on your scrapbooking, card or papercrafting project.

Included in the Sketchbook Bundle are four different fonts and one DoodleBat font, providing a great opportunity for mix and matching of fonts within the family.

There are many ways to mix and match fonts from the same style or font family. In this case, these fonts all have the “sketch” style and can be mixed together easily. I have created a few different samples of cards and invitations to show you how these fonts could be used.

In this first sample, I wanted the design to be simple and youthful. I used an “I” and “U” from SNF Sketch Block and the heart from DB Doodle Sketch. You can see how they can look identical, yet a great way to mix in some DoodleBats into your message. Then I used SNF Sketch Black Out for the text below. Oh, I almost forgot, the photo corners come from the DB Doodle Sketch too.

To create an invitation for an upcoming family picnic, I wanted to create a fun, graphic look. By using SNF Sketch Black Out for the large letters to create “Summer 2010 Picnic” and then the rocks at the bottom, the sketched letters are easy to see and very fun. For the message to attend and the date, time and location, I used SNF Sketchy in all caps. I used “earthy” colors to tie the whole design together and it looks great.

For this card, I wanted to see if I could add my own touch to the fonts. I used SNF Sketchy for the title, then used the same heart as the first sample from DB Doodle Sketch. To customize it, I drew the wings in Adobe Illustrator to add to the heart to go along with the saying. It turned out perfect. I’m guessing that you would love to have the “winged heart” for you own use. Well, you’re in luck, I have included the “winged heart” as part of a fun, free download.

Well, I hope you are excited as much as I am about this new “sketch” collection of fonts. As you can see from this layout by Merrilynne Harrington, they are a blast to use and really add a touch of playfulness to any scrapbook, card or papercrafting project.

Enjoy these playful fonts and please find someone to send a “winged heart” to.

Oh, and PS- Show me the projects you come up with using these new sketch fonts by sharing them in our Idea Gallery.

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