Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lucky Lucky ScrapNfonts

Guess who has joined the scrapNfonts creative team? Brian Tippetts! Not only is he the former Editor-in-Chief of Creating Keepsakes magazine, he also has his own book about using fonts in scrapbooking called Getting Creative With Type. Yup, we're feeling pretty lucky to have such a guru of typography grace us with his wisdom.

Lucky for all of us, he wants to share his knowledge! He's going to be a regular guest blogger right here on scrapNgal blog! Keep an eye out for his font tips and tricks, freebies and inspiration. He's already getting started with two awesome offerings:

1. A free Christmas page of quotes and tags
2. A chance to win a copy of his book

So stay tuned. There's lots of great things coming your way.


Donna said...

I just read your tip and thought your name was familiar. I just recently bought your book but haven't had a chance to do anything with it yet. Thanks for the free Christmas quotes and tags page!

Anonymous said...

I L-O-V-E the fre tags and quotes but can not figure out how to download them. Can any one help? TIA!

itta Britta said...

Sure! To download, click on the "a Free Christmas page" link. It will bring you to a page on with a large image of the pdf. At the bottom of the image is another link with the words, "Christmas Quotes and Tags." When you click on that it will download the pdf into your browser window where you can then save it to your computer. Good Luck!