Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Frightening Food

Do you ever have times when your mind thinks of randomly absurd things and you do a double-take on your thoughts?

"Where in the world did that thought come from?"

Guess what? During the Halloween season you can let those thoughts fly and no one bats an eye. Like eating witch's fingers? On Halloween people say "oh cool!" Any other day, people say "huh?"
I made these fun "petrified mice" for a Halloween party last weekend. They were a hit.

One of the best parts about it was the name tags. They were so easy to make with DB Halloween Little Notes for the frames, SNF Dracula's Typewriter for the spooky name and LD Gregarious for the actual food name (in case anyone was worried they were really eating petrified mice. I know, they're so realistic).

I had labels for all my food. It was a blast!

Let's get a closer look at those absurd witch's fingers, shall we?

Have you seen these before? They're just shortbread cookies with almonds and red decorating gel. They are sooooo creepy, but SO cool for Halloween. You don't have to make creepy looking cookies to get the same "cool" response from your family or guests. Think of spooky and absurd names for all your food! I promise, it's one of the rare times that your random thoughts will get rewarded. Here are some I thought up:

Dragon skin or Dragon scales (for chips)

Bat Wings (BBQ chicken wings)

Zombie slime (Avocado dip)

Bird Brains (popcorn)

Werewolf droppings (whoppers)

It's fun! Give it a try!


Anonymous said...

these are so cool! How did you make the mice?

itta Britta said...

I dipped maraschino cherries in chocolate and then propped up a hershey kiss against it when it was still wet. It was surprisingly easy and really fun. You have to make sure you get the maraschino cherries WITH stems, and the ears are slivered almonds wedged in between the kiss and the cherry when the chocolate is still slightly sticky.

Anonymous said...

what did you use to make the eyes and nose?

itta Britta said...

For the eyes and nose I used gel decorating tubes that I bought at the grocery store.

Nicole said...

These are amazing!!!!! Great fun!

justyolie said...

LOL!!! I just found your site and blog!! LOVE THE FINGERS!!!