Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ready for Easter?

The annual Easter Egg Hunt at my in-laws' is a BIG deal. Not just for the kiddies, but for the adults too! Yep, we enjoy two separate hunts with cash prizes for the winners.

Two years ago I victoriously found the coveted "golden egg," valued at $25 compared to the change you might collect from the rest of the eggs hidden among the brush. Unfortunately, I lost my champion title last year, so I'm pumped to redeem myself this year.

I'm not the only one who loves to hunt. We've been "training" 14-month-old Alexa how to pull in her share of booty from the kids' hunt. She's been practicing. LOVES the "egg game." Runs to collect eggs and practically hyperventilates from excitement as she races to fill her basket!

So you can understand why I love Design Team member Keela Fox's "Hunting Easter Eggs" layout. Good times.

  • DB Journaling Boxes (oval, journaling lines)
  • DB Pet Fun (chick)
  • LDJ Jumpin' Jill Flash (title)
  • LDJ Lefthand Jam
  • Digital paper: Watercolor Papers and Flower, Spring-a-Lings by Jacque Larsen at
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    SpokaneMama said...

    I absolutely LOVE this page. I keep coming back to it and trying to memorize it. My girls are 10 and 11 I'll have to dig out some old pictures to make it!